How to eat corn

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Corn is something that can be serve in a variety of ways. You’ve had popcorn and corn on the cob. But there’s an almost endless supply of recipes and ways you can get more corn into your food.

Steamed and popcorn are probably two of the more common ways to eat. But the following are a few recipes to help you get start finding new ways to add to your diet.

Whole grain corn muffins

Muffins are a great addition to any meal. They’re a nutritious substitute for regular white rolls.

Corn and tomato pasta salad

This dish is great as a healthy meal. If you remove the shredded chicken, it can be add as a side to almost any meal  UFABET

Corn and cheese chowder

On a crisp fall or winter day, this warm and hearty soup will hit the spot. With only a 15-minute preparation time. It’s quick and easy and makes a good-size batch for a large family or for leftovers.

Diet staple for many people around the world. It’s found as a side dish, in soup, in casseroles and more. When kernels are popped. They become a favorite snack while watching a movie.

Despite corn’s regular use in our everyday lives. You may not know as much about it as you might think.