Ten Hag delighted with form Manchester United determined to win.

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Erik ten Hag the manager of Manchester United praised his team for showing good form. And shows determination to win After opening the house. Aston Villa, who had not lost 10 for 10 previous matches 1-0

ten Hag The Red Devils coach told the BBC that “I am very happy with the three points. But it also includes performance. It was a very good performance against Aston Villa. Who are unbeaten in 10 games and scoring every game. And we were completely in control, it could have been 3-1 or 4-1. But it was very good and an impressive form.”

“Football was always 90 minutes and in one game we were 2-0 up but in the second half we weren’t in a good position [against Spurs], but the players were playing for 90 minutes, they were exhausted and looked. Go to Brighton, they’re exhausted too. then bad form It’s unacceptable. We know because we talk to the players about it. We saw the character today, we are focused, we have passion and we need to win and play good football UFABET

Speaking about Victor Lindelof’s form, the Dutch boss said: “He played great. It was a very good game with and without the ball. Today the game is under control. But can create a good offensive game as well have a good position have a good decision. So we are happy with it.”

“The game and life is a lot easier if you get the second goal early. or score a second goal. We have seen that we have many players including Lindelof who are determined to win both offensively and defensively. And that’s what you want. if you want to be successful”