Pep adjusts Manchester City to play close to Fulham, the game wins.

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Pep Guardiola the manager of Manchester City admits his side are not playing much better than Fulham. Which comes from wading through heavy programs football after being the attacker won 2-1.

“I have no doubts. The game is even until the end. We can’t expect anything different. With so many games but we know that after we beat Arsenal at home is very important. The players are amazing.

Erling Haaland became the first top-flight player to score 50 goals in all competitions since 1931. Pep said: “Before Winston Churchill was prime? Wow, that sounds like a long time ago. Congratulations Erling, the best goals helped us achieve what we are here for.”

When asked about the response to Fulham’s equalizer goal.

Manchester City boss replied.

“We responded very well. The momentum was there, we played well. It wasn’t easy because they defended very well. It was very difficult inside, Marco (Silva) was very well prepared. And It was not so fast as the pitch was dry for both teams. It was generally a good form. get to know competitors and know where we came from.” UFABET

Pep also mentioned Julian Alvarez’s winning goal. “We call a penalty. Not just scoring goals Every time he plays it’s huge. Today, that door is not ordinary at all. We have a really amazing striker.”

When asked if it was a reckless performance, The Spanish coach confirmed that “It was like against Nottingham Forest, there we had more chances than today. we had a good time They didn’t create many chances. We didn’t create many chances. The result came out even. and the game is always on.”

Finally, Pep spoke about rising to the top of the table: “It’s important, but on Tuesday Arsenal will play, the important thing is the game against West Ham, it’s a game in hand. After that we will be the leader of the table. and it will be more real.”