Ancelotti reveals the reason Real Madrid play the best defense in the league.

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Carlo Ancelotti reveals the reason why Real Madrid has become the team. That plays the toughest defensive game in the Spanish league.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed that. The defense game of the ‘Los Blancos’ army is changing to a different defensive game from the beginning of the season. Resulting in the Italian boss’s team. It has become the team that plays the best defensive game in La Liga. According to a report from Marca last Friday  UFABET

Real Madrid has conceded 11 goals from 16 games played in all competitions. They have kept 5 clean sheets from their last 8 games and conceded only 8 goals from 12 games played. Which is the best performance in the Spanish league. 

Ancelotti explained :

‘At some point in time We have a very good level. But what you’ve been trying to find all season is continuity. At this point I’m quite happy with the change in defensive level and attitude we’ve had.’

When asked how he felt they had performed so well under the new system with Jude Bellingham as a free agent behind the forward duo. The 20-year-old midfielder is one of the players who move from the center to provide high pressure for the Whites. But now he is also moving to the left of the defense to allow Vinicius Jr. to move higher up the pitch.

‘We need to open a debate about the system. Because at the support level We changed it We defended it with 2 out of 4 lines of defense. The diamond system was no longer clear on defense. It gives us good results. Defining a system with a ball is very complex. It depends on where Rodrigo is. Where Bellingham is and the opposition. If they don’t have the ball, it’s clearly a 4-4-2.’

Real Madrid’s system change has become one of the most talked about issues this season. But Bellingham’s excellent form has been enough to change things so far. After the English international scored 13 goals and 3 assists from 14 games played in all competitions.